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Practical Ideas to Make America Great Again


1) Pass a law repealing the Johnson Amendment that prohibits churches and religious groups from being involved with politics. Not only is that restriction unconstitutional, but people of faith supported Trump big time, and Trump promised to repeal it, so just do it.

2) Put a clause in the upcoming infrastructure bill that says only states that have right-to-work laws AND no sanctuary cities will get money. It will diminish union influence, reduce the illegal population, and help American workers at the same time.

3) Require intellectual diversity in grade schools, high schools, and colleges. If they don’t purchase textbooks that spend as much time explaining conservative positions on the environment, role of government, marriage, morality, economics, evolution, history, etc. as they do liberal positions, they lose federal funding. The same goes for the amount of time they spend teaching the conservative viewpoints as well as the level of respect they give conservative positions. Liberals say they believe in tolerance and diversity. However, actions speak louder than words, so if Trump and Congressional Republicans elevate intellectual diversity to the level of racial diversity, the left's decision to fight or embrace the change will send a clear signal about their claim of tolerance. Will they be shown to be honest and trustworthy or deceitful and hypocritical?

4) Require states to update their voter rolls every year by removing deceased voters, fictitious people, those who have moved, illegal aliens, and felons, then guarantee that they’re at least 90% accurate. The federal government should send full-time teams across the country to every county to verify the accuracy. If they can’t prove it, then they lose federal funding, and they have to put a large public notice on the home page of their website that they are not complaint with federal law.

Stopping Judicial Tyranny

1) One of the most often repeated complaints that voters have is that politicians and judges don’t listen to them. There is a way to show people that Republicans understand their frustration, endear themselves to voters, and reduce the grip of those in power who don’t care what the American people think or want.

Trump and the GOP should pass a law that has two parts. The first part has to do with radical judges who ignore the will of the American people and turn the Constitution on its head. It would affect decisions by the 13 federal Courts of Appeal as well as the Supreme Court. The law would allow states affected by a particular ruling to rescind or amend that ruling if a majority passed the same legislation in their states. Then that legislation would become law in all the states originally affected by the ruling. For example, the 4th District covers 5 states. If at least three of those states passed the same legislation, they could change a ruling that affected that district. If it was a ruling by the Supreme Court, it would take at least 26 states to change.

The second part of the law would do the same thing for legislation passed by Congress. In that case it would also take at least 26 states to go through the process described above and the outcome would be binding on the entire country.

That law would go a long way toward bringing back government of the people, by the people, for the people. It would also assure the American people that Republicans have heard their voices, and could be a part of Trump’s promise to ‘drain the swamp.’

2) Split the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals into one district for CA and another for the remainder of the states (AZ, NV, OR, WA, ID, MT, AK, HI). The CA circuit would still have more population than all those other states combined. That split would get cases heard in a more expeditious manner, and it would reduce the influence of the liberal judges in CA as well.

Tax Ideas

It's disappointing that Trump wants to raise the top tax rates for the highest earners. On his website it says he wants to ensure the rich pay their fair share. He sounds just like Obama, Clinton, or any other liberal.

1) It’s not fair that the top 1% of earners pay 40% of the income taxes, or that half of Americans pay no taxes. Everybody should have a stake in the tax structure of our country, which means everyone should pay some income taxes. Raise the minimum tax rate from 0% to 5% for everyone, from those on welfare to billion dollar corporations and unions. No one should pay no tax because their income is below a certain threshold. Make all federal benefits taxable. For everyone, credits and deductions should only be able bring the tax rate down to 5%. Businesses can carry over unused deductions from year to year.

2) No limit on charitable contribution deductions. The more the government incentivizes giving the more people with give. And the more they give the less need there will be for huge federal bureaucracies to essentially do the same thing. Then the size of government can shrink saving even more money.

3) Small businesses are the bakbone of job creation, so new businesses pay no taxes for the first 5 years. While government will lose out on some tax revenue during that time, allowing businesses to keep more of their hard-earned money in the critical formative years, their chances of surviving long term and paying even more taxes increases significantly.

4) The best jobs program is a strong family. Approximately 50% of all single-parent families live in poverty, but only about 13% of families with a father and mother are in that category. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, families maintained by women with no spouse are less likely to have an employed member than married-couple families. It's clear that policies that encourage traditional families with a married father and mother will go a long way towards allowing Trump to fulfill his promise of jobs, jobs, jobs.