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Practical Steps Everyone Can Take
to Reduce Voter Fraud

In many areas of the country, voter fraud will determine the outcome of federal, state, and local elections in 2012 if something isn’t done. Here are some practical steps that everyone can take to help reduce fraud in their area:

  • Volunteer to review last-minute registrations. Submitting an overwhelming number of registrations as close to the election as possible is a ploy to register people who don't qualify or don't exist.
  • Volunteer to be a poll watcher on election day.
  • Volunteer to count the absentee ballots and make sure the voting signature matches the registration signature.
  • Contact your local government agency or department that is in charge of elections and ask the following questions via email in order to get their responses in writing:
    • Is there an ongoing effort to identify voters who are registered at business addresses or vacant lots? If so, can you share what that effort consists of and what is being done once discovered?
    • What percentage of absentee ballots are checked to ensure that signatures match the registration signature, and what is that process?
    • Is there any way that people can register to vote who shouldn't (felons, illegal aliens, etc.)? What are you doing to make that more difficult and reduce the ability of some to hijack elections?
    • Are you receiving all jury summons replies from the courts and reviewing them for people who said they can’t be jurors because they’re not citizens or moved out of the county? Do you compare those names to the voter list, and if they're registered, remove them?
    • Do you filter the voter database against Homeland Security lists to remove felons and illegal aliens?
    • Do you filter the voter database against the County Recorder’s lists to ensure that when people buy or sell real estate, they’re no longer registered at their old address?
    • Do you filter the voter database against US Post Office lists to ensure people live where they say they do?
    • What are you doing to ensure that deceased voters are removed from the voter rolls?
    • There will likely be a surge of last minute registrations like normal. What are you doing to ensure that every registration is checked for accuracy?
    • What process is in place to identify and then cancel the votes of late registrants who’s registration does not conform to law?
    • When someone votes with a provisional ballot, how is that handled in terms of counting their vote? Is the vote automatically counted and cancelled only if something is found wrong, or is the vote not counted until everything is verified?
    • Will you create a mobile app for people to download for free that will allow them to notify the Registrar of suspected voter fraud?
    • Will you hold informational meetings throughout the area to teach voters how to identify voter fraud?

Also, here are some organizations that specialize in stopping election fraud:

Everyone can get involved and help. Those that don't have no right to complain! How important is our country to you?


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