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Guide to Free Speech on Campus
Guide to Religious Liberty on Campus
Guide to Due Process and Fair Procedure on Campus
Guide to First-Year Orientation and
Thought Reform on Campus
Guide to Student Fees, Funding, and
Legal Equality on Campus
Legal Liability Associated with
Homosexual Education in Schools
Survey of Restrictions on Speech at
America’s Colleges and Universities
A Parent's Guide to Education Reform

Family Values

Report - Intact Family and Religious Participation Are Associated with
Fewer Developmental Problems in School-Age Children

Global Warming

The Global Warming Skeptics Handbook
Problems with Climate Science
Global Warming FAQ's
Ten Principles of Energy Policy
Increased Temperature Readings Not Reliable
Unmasking 'An Inconvenient Truth'
Natures Controls Our Climate, Not Humans
Wind Farms are Not the Answer
Green Jobs - Fact or Fiction?
Global Warming Experts
No Scientific Consensus


What Every Parent Needs to Know about LGBT History in Your Child’s Classroom
Debating Homosexuality - Two Views
Homosexual Propaganda
Hate Crimes Legislation
The Homosexual Movement
Homosexual Lifestyle Comparison
Gays and Pedophilia
Myths and Facts 1
Causes of Homosexuality
Myths and Facts 2
Top 10 Harms of Same-Sex Marriage
Homosexuality in Your Child's School
The Bible, the Church, and Homosexualtiy
Legal Liability Associated with Homosexual Education in Schools


The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on U.S. Taxpayers
The DACA Myth, What Americans Need to Know
Immigration and the Environment
Mass Immigration's Impact on Public Education
The Role of State and Local Governments in Immigration Enforcement
Amnesty - Breaking the Social Security Bank


ANTIFA - What America Needs to Know About the Alt-Left
Rules for Revolution-The Alinsky Model
(Conservatives can be more effective using some of these tactics.)

Media Bias

Examples of Media Bas in General
Media Bias in Obama's Victory
How to Detect Media Bias


Obamacare - Bad Medicine
Obamacare Taxes on the Middle Class
Obama - Most Biblically-Hostile President
Who Really Pays Taxes


ACORN - A Criminal Enterprise
The Rebranding of ACORN
The Rise and Fall of Constitutional Government
How to Read the Constitution
Is it Possible to Restore Constitutionalism?
What is the Role of Government?
Wasteful Government Spending
Who Really Pays Taxes


Stop Pornography in Your Town


The Impact of Religion on Social Stability

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