Family Values
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Family Values and Culture


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One report that's available for download: Intact Family and Religious Participation Are
Associated with Fewer Developmental Problems in School-Age Children

The family is the most fundamental of society's institutions, for it is within the family setting that lifetime behaviors and beliefs are established and values are nurtured best in children, including adolescent behavior; child abuse; child care; condoms and contraception; divorce; responsibility: character; and wisdom. But in America today, the family institution and American culture are under attack from the political, academic and media elite. The information available here highlights important details of the assault on American families and American culture, along with resources that can help turn the tide.

How our society looks at families and the importance it places on them is based in large part on the morals and ethics of our society. The following definitions show the difference between ethics and morality:

Morality: The rightness or wrongness of conduct; that which is. Habits of life or the practices of an individual or culture. What is considered acceptable behavior in a particular society changes over time.
Ethics: The standard, the line, that which ought to be because right and wrong do not change. The principles of conduct governing a person or group of people that do not change.

This means is that a certain behavior could be considered moral because it is accepted by society but still be unethical because it is wrong.

Family Research Council
Family Research Council (FRC) is dedicated to the promotion of marriage and family and the sanctity of human life in national policy.
Through books, pamphlets, media appearances, public events, debates and testimony, FRC's team of experienced policy experts review data and analyze  proposals that impact family law and policy in Congress and the executive branch. FRC also strives to assure that the unique attributes of the family are recognized and respected through the decisions of the courts and regulatory bodies.
Many excellent resources, including information about Marriage and Family, Religion and Culture, and Mapping America.

Focus on the Family
Helping to preserve traditional values and the institution of the family. Excellent articles and publications to strengthen the family and provide answers to children’s issues, marriage, raising children and financial stewardship. Magazines, tapes, video, information sheets, education resources and more. Information on important social issues that affect the family like abstinence, the sanctity of life, gambling, marriage, pornography, and sexual identity.

Concerned Women for America
The largest public policy women's organization in the nation dedicated to protecting the family. Issues covered include homosexuality, entertainment influences, marriage, children, feminism, gambling and more.

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